Combination Keyless Door Knob


Actually, who doesn’t these days!

Well, take a look at this one. It’s a keyless combination door knob lock with 4 built-in numeric dials. You lock and unlock this one by turning the numeric dials with your thumb.

This lock is perfect for interior doors in your home such as closets where you might want to hide birthday presents, lockers where you store guns or ammunition, laundry rooms where you keep harsh cleaning chemicals, even bedrooms and bathrooms where you just want better control over who can come in.

This keyless combination door knob lock has a great design and, since it doesn’t have a key, it is pick-proof and bump-proof, too! It installs in minutes, operates easily, and the combination can be changed as often as you like, whenever you want.

And you don’t have to drill any extra holes in your door—the screws that hold this lock together go through the mounting plate on the lock and through the large 2-1/8" hole, just like the door knobs on most interior doors.

Once you set the numeric dials to the right combination, this lock will stay unlocked, so you can come and go without using the code. But once you change the numeric dials to something other than your code and close your door, it will be locked securely.

Quality Design & Handy Features

  • Adjustable Backset:  This keyless combination door knob lock comes with an adjustable 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" spring latchbolt, so it fits all standard interior and exterior doors.

  • Adjustable Handedness: This keyless combination door knob lock works on either right or left handed doors.

  • Retrofit Design: This keyless combination door knob lock is designed to retrofit all standard doors and it will completely replace your existing door knob AND you don’t have to drill any extra holes in your door.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: This keyless combination door knob lock is made of a heavy-duty zinc material with a silver finish.

  • Numeric Dials: This keyless combination door knob lock has four (4) numeric dials, with numbers from 0-9 on each dial.

  • Weatherproof: This keyless combination door knob lock is completely weatherproof and can also be used outside.

  • No Wires/Batteries/Power: As with all our keyless locks, this keyless combination door knob lock is all mechanical and requires no keys, wires, or batteries to operate so it will function perfectly even in a power outage.

  • Warranty:  Full 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warrranty covers everything short of physical abuse.

Advantages of a Keyless Lock

  • Never again worry about your keys being lost, stolen or copied.
  • You don’t need a key to lock or unlock.
  • You don’t need AC power, wires, or batteries.
  • You won’t be locked out during power failures.
  • And best of all, this lock is so economical, you can use on interior doors throughout your home.


Installation for these locks are the exact same as a regular door knob. There is no need for any additional drilling. Click to view the Installation Insructions that come with each purchase.

Locking and Unlocking

Using all our keyless locks is quick and easy. This particular lock has 4 spin wheels built right into the outside door knob. You can operate these with your thumb or finger to unlock the door.

  • To unlock from the outside, simply spin the wheels so that the numbers in your secret code are showing at the top of the door knob, then turn the knob handle to open the door.

  • On the inside, just turn the knob handle as you would with any other door knob.

  • It couldn’t be easier!

Since this keyless combination door knob lock has a spring latchbolt, it will automatically latch every time you close your door.  And, it will automatically lock any time the wrong combination is set on the spin wheels.

This keyless combination door knob lock is:

  • easy to install
  • easy to reset
  • tamper-proof
  • 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty that covers everything other than physical abuse
  • and, best of all, is economically priced!

Finally, a keyless lock you can afford to use everywhere—inside your home, as well as on secondary entrance doors, janitor closets, garage, fenced in areas, apartments, condos,  laundry rooms, and re-key situations.

Combination Keyless Door Knob
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